Warren Ellis’s Fell Picks Up Steam

Just caught this one from their initial trade paperback release. Now.. seeing as how the comic format release isn’t any more expensive than the trade, clocking in at 2$ an issue, I think I might just go out and by the up-to-current old-school comics rather than wait.

Plus it’ll be good reading for the trip to Japan.

Did I mention? I’m going to Japan. There should be quite a bit of good media to kick through over there, lots of pictures to take, etc. I’ll post some of that when I get back.

Publishers Weekly has an interesting piece interviewing Ellis on exactly why he decided to publish Fell as a 2$ an issue comic. Other interesting artifacts in this series are that each issue is a separate story, contains 16 pages of story and 8 of other content, and is published by Image comics.

Honestly, I wasn’t even aware they were still in the business.

Not only are they still around, there’s some talk of them redefining their lineup based on the format. Although I’m not sure how that’ll work.. Ellis is a pretty rare case who pulls off a non-superhero graphical novel series like few other artists. I think you might have to hunt down the authors before you can redefine your lineup like that. I’m sure there are more writers like that out there, but they’re rarely found in the comic writing space.

Most of them are off in the still lucrative realm of Science Fiction and it’s newer hybrid mystery/modern breeds.

So this’ll be one to check out. Again, that’s Fell published by Image. With a trade paperback coming out “real soon now” (it’s on pre-order), a 2$ pricetag an issue for periodic release, and a presumed lack of men in tights it’s probably worth checking out.

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