It’s ACER 4520 Laptop Time!

Seems that Shogun and I over on the #PCBurn channel (on both decided to update the laptops at the same time, and both got ACER 4520s.

His’ll probably run the stock Vista OS with Ubuntu as a dual boot. Mine will never see the original OS and I’ll probably make an inquire to someone with greater legal knowledge than mine if the manufacturer is bound to issue me some sort of refund with the given legal language in the Microsoft EULA.

While I do appreciate the manufacturers unwillingness to part with any amount of money, especially with those lucrative Microsoft kickbacks, I still don’t want to pay for something I won’t use. So we’ll see what my states duly appointed legal representatives think of the agreement.

If it doesn’t entitle me to anything I’m not going to be too disappointed, honestly. I’m just not sure what they’re bound to honor is all. And I figure that’s what those people hold office to inform me of.

As for the machine, it’s internals, specs, and how to rip it apart to replace/add parts.. that I’ll do a segment on over at I’ve missed out on the last few machines, but writing time’s been tight between work and non-work.

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3 thoughts on “It’s ACER 4520 Laptop Time!”

  1. Woah, WOAH…..I wiped it and put XP on there. Also I got the 5520.

    Anybody get the wireless going? I hear that doesn’t work 100%. Still hoping to get Gentoo or Ubuntu going.

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