Online Picture Gallery in Ruby on Rails

So I’ve decided I need an online picture gallery that looks acceptably good and is fairly easy to edit/maintain.

And the obvious programming language to slot these categories is Ruby on Rails.

What I’m arriving at here is the need for a RoR based gallery for photos that does watermarking, allows for at least a few nifty in-line effects, and is easy to upload to.

Really, the uploading part can be server side. SFTP is both simple and secure, so why invent teh wheel.

But the rest of it just isn’t currently available in any form I’d call “simple” or “well designed”. There are a few cookie cutter Ruby image galleries out there… but they all appear to involve way more code than I think a display app requires.

Going on the KiSS principle the UI isn’t an important feature. It’s the only feature. Everything else can be handled on the OS end (upload, edit, removal) and if those are desirable in-site, they can be added in later. If the user experience isn’t polished that’s all a waste anyway.

So! From scratch (well.. as “from scratch” as it gets with GEMS anyway) it is!