Asian Variations Remixes by MoShang

Noticed over on the CC website a remix album on the frontpage: Asian Variations Remixes by MoShang (can be had here).

So far, a couple tracks in, the melody and instrumentation are intriguing. I can give or take the lyrics as rapping in any Asian language is largely over my head.

It sounds like they might be saying something interesting in there. But unless the singing’s melodic.. in an unknown language.. it really doesn’t do much for me.

Otherwise it remind me of a loungy, Buddha Bar-esque riff.

Sabra Hummus

So I’m trying a new brand of hummus, having recently gone on a binge of chick pea based fair. And I must say, the best Hummus is by far and away Sabra. If anything it might be a tad too creamy for a proper hummus, without a bit of that grainy texture you usually get from chick pea based spreads.

If you’ve ever decided against hummus in general based on it’s texture you might want to give it a try. I found it up in the North East US in a Shaws, your mileage may vary.