Voltaire! (Not the Philosopher, the Musician)

Hey! Some media review for the media log. Who knew.

Went out to catch Voltaire at Alchemy “Rapture” yesterday in spite of my throat feeling roughly like sandpaper. And the show was worth it!

From Zombie Gigolo to his birthday rendition dedicated to Brian it was a rollicking good time.

And if you’re wondering who this Voltaire chap is, he’s not the French philosopher but the NY musical act. I’d define the genre, but I’d probably be wrong. I mean.. if it’s goth, then most of the labeling on all the synth-pop inspired bands is wrong. It’s good, at any rate, and mostly humorous. But not comedic music. That’s about it.

So if you get the chance clip out to see his performance, either solo or with the full eclectic ensemble.

Rapture itself was something of a surprise down at Alchemy. It’s run by some of the usual faces from the other “Goth” nights of New Haven’s past and proved to be a solid venue (if a bit chilly, bring a coat). They also play requests, which is huge.. probably a main requirement for me at a club with only one floor. So check it out if you’re in the area. Apparently running every Wednesday night in the third room at Alchemy, it’s around the corner from the main area you may be familiar with.

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