KDE4 Released, Not Really Ready Already

So I’ve been seeing the pictures of KDE4, but haven’t really had a chance to play with it until now. But write-ups over at places like Ars have led me to believe it’s usable, if not stable.

Sitting at a laptop running KDE4 on Ubuntu 7.10 I can assure you this is not the case.

While the technology behind this desktop feels like it might, someday, be impressive it’s currently a steaming pile of not-ready-yet. If this was my introductory experience to KDE i’d run, not walk, screaming and not look back.

Configuration options for most of the stuff that needs to be configured are missing, display glitches abound, and my clock currently contains a flashing garbage block where the last digit should be.

Also, every other character makes the quad desktop switcher in the corner flash on and off like a mad strobe light.

I don’t even have a dock panel on the dock. There’s no option for the dock in the config screen either. Instead, I had to get a widget of my dock that sits on the desktop. Underneath everything else.. which is quite obnoxious.

The default icon set and theme aren’t thrilling, either. If you’ve seen any KDE4 previews, that’s what you’re getting.. and nothing else. If this is our future then I think I’ll hold onto the past until it’s not filled with rubbish, thanks.

Thank you Brazil for your Wonderful Caffeine

Aside from being the home of the relatively cheap and tasty Yerba Mate tea, Brazil also boasts scientist types.

Who write extensively to answer my question of “how does one extract caffeine to a substrate of some sort from a liquid”.

Which is good, because it apparently takes quite the apparatus to get tasty, tasty caffeine from whatever form of solid it’s suspended in. Filtering, heating, pumps.. you’re probably better off reading the actual description rather than my explanation.

And you can find that, dear reader, here.

Acer ASPIRE 4520 Review Forthcoming

I’ve actually had the gumption to write up the first review of the new season. All it needs are some pretty graphs and analysis of the same and it’s good to go.

Graphics-wise there is one oddity that’s throwing up a bit of a sticking point. Running the OpenGL test “glxgears” in a dedicated Xorg sessions prior to starting up an initial X session kicks in at 1500 fps … while starting the same session up after an KDE desktop is running (or after it’s been closed) results in a frame rate of 900 fps.

A roughly 30% drop.

Needless to say this will require a bit more investigation before I go to press with the review.