Atlantic City

After reading about the impending demise of Atlantic City I’m mildly surprised to find myself there. The Boardwalk appears alive and well in spite of officials pronouncing it DOA on the radio.

Not being much of a gambler, ending up in a boardwalk devoted mostly to pumping coinage into slots is a bit of a surprise. Except they’re not coin slots anymore, but plastic debit card swipeys, which seems like a rather impersonal way to be parted from your cash. You don’t even get to hold it that one last time before the dealer carries it away.

So, Atlantic City… the place itself seems lively for a Saturday during the down season, if not overly full. Apparently people are coming out for some spend after a few years of spend-thrift behavior induced by higher credit limits and the impending doom of layoffs.

Maybe it’s not usually like this, but half the place seems to be overtaken by an IT frat. Slightly doofy looking young guys wandering around in an odd, clashing array of semi-formal looking dazzled took me by surprise. That’s something you don’t even see at the trades these days.

Probably just a coincidence.

It’s no New York. There’re a hell of a lot more ways to loose money; and, unless you’re a casino, not a whole lot of ways to make it. It’s an area of all tourists instead of just the obvious ones. Not a bad place to throw a convention, but I think I’ll be sticking to haunts up in Montreal for the perennial vacation.

Setting up Buffalo’s WZR-HP-G300NH for ATT DSL

Welcome back, everyone out there on the Internets. Today I noticed something rather striking.

When I was looking for setup instructions to get my newly acquired DD-WRT based Buffalo router back on ATT’s DSL network I found a marked lack of decent information.

There were plenty of people complaining about how they couldn’t get it working, but not a single one stating, “here’s the fields you need to fill in”.

Now, there might be some of that on the actual DD-WRT forums. But that’s not what was coming up in Google on the searches. Which is what led to quite a bit of frustration on my part, as I like to have a bit of guidance in advance of actual setup to make everything go smoother.

So! What does it take to get ATT service running over a directly connected DSL router, where you’re ignoring the DSL-Modem bridging device from ATT and directly servicing the line with the new DD-WRT router? Not much. Just put in the user name (generally user@someurl .com) and your password and you should be all set. I’ll check and see what the other settings do (if the compression works or just breaks the line entirely) as I get time.