Using PPA Repositories with Debian add-apt-repository Script

Looking for a way to replicate PPA repositories into your Debian squeeze or wheezy install? Anantshri has you covered with a quick shell script. Note that it may break your installation horribly and kill puppies wantonly.

For installing Bisigi Themes for the gnome desktop? Worked for me.

Bitcoin Values Tank

Bitcoins are heading down along with the stockmarket. Which lends credence to the bitcoin supply currently involving a lot of speculation.

Something to note, though, is that the number of available bitcoins is still in flux while people are mining them. It doesn’t feel like it’s leveled one way or another on exchanges just yet.

Also, mining itself hasn’t tanked to nearly the extent that the price of bitcoins has.. which would lead one to believe that the mining portion of bitcoin creating isn’t driven entirely by speculation on the future value. Even when prices went from ~30$ to ~6$ the amount of mining going on increased slightly.

But we’ll see how that washes out in the coming weeks if values stay depressed.


Ubuntu 11.04 CUPSD Not Printing to ttyUSB0 Fix

So you’ve got a serial device that needs printing output sent to it and you’ve installed Ubuntu 11.04. Cups responds with an Unable to open device file … Permission Denied. Well!

Ubuntu has thoughtfully explicitly denied access to /dev/ttyUSB devices through apparmor. No reason you’d ever print to serial devices in Ubuntu, eh?

So to get your receipt printer, Okidata 320ML serial printer, or whatever working you’ll either need to uninstall apparmor (I imagine) or change a line in the file /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.cupsd from “deny /dev/ttyUSB*” to “/dev/ttyUSB*”.

That should do it.