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So you’re running Ubuntu 12.10, 12.04, or a recent version of Debian Linux. And you’ve tried to print from another Linux client running cups. And what you’ve noticed is that there’s a nasty 10 second delay (or maybe 5 second, 7 second, etc) before your next print job starts.

A-hah, you think Maybe it’s an issue with some sort of delay between reprints. And you’re right. But good luck trying to find the setting to force that down to a lower interval.

And here’s why. It’s not there. There is no setting to retry the remote system’s print job without the wait. But there is a setting you can change.

For the issue I was having, everything was set up properly on the client and the print server. The only message it was returning was something about Dirty Jobs. Which led me to this.

What needed to be changed was the cupsd.conf file, and it needed the following options set.

DirtyCleanInterval seconds
Specifies the delay for updating of configuration and state files. A value of 0 causes the update to happen as soon as possible, typically within a few milliseconds.

And that was it. With “DirtyCleanInterval 0” the system now prints sequential print jobs as quickly as possible.

What I assume going on there is that there are more settings altered by that option than listed. Because there was an 8 second delay, but that setting defaults to 30 seconds which is certainly longer than the print delay I was seeing.

In some cases it might cause other issues due to unintended consequences of the rapid check. But it certainly seems to fix the issue on a wait between prints on our receipt printers.

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