Thoroughly Confusing Last.FM

Since I seem to be hung up on Last.FM lately..

Last just can’t seem to keep up with my musical preference. If you’ll look over to the right, most of the entries are grayed out. It can’t figure out what I’m listening to.

Is it really that hard to see “6Zeromancer_-_Stop_The_Noise” and parse that down to Zeromancer or 6Zeromancer (we’ll assume the former, if you did a cross reference for validity) track called “Stop the Noise”.

C’mon. Cut us a bit of programming here.

Recent Diggable Media

It occurred to me that I haven’t put a series specific write up for anime lately, or anything on what I’ve been reading and listening too. Here’s a brief post to remedy that, possibly with some specific write-ups later.


  • “Whitechapel Gods” by S.M. Peters
  • “Undead” by Richard Lee Byers
  • “Wrath of a Mad God” by Raymond Feist
  • “Twilight Watch” by Sergei Lukyanenko

And watching:

  • Welcome to the NHK!
  • Karas
  • Zombie Loan
  • Night Magician
  • Samurai Champloo
  • Ouran High School Host Club
  • Genshiken Season 2
  • Rental Magika
  • Denno Coil

And basically listening to the same run of audio. Nothing really exciting on that front. Groove Coverage, Tiesto, Ferry Corsten. Anjunabeats Worldwide off A good run of

Even though it keeps insisting that I want to listen to bad 80’s New Wave and seriously clangy industrial, which I don’t.

And that’s it for now. Maybe I’ll have something up on the series or some single tracks that have caught my ear out of the noise.

Voltaire! (Not the Philosopher, the Musician)

Hey! Some media review for the media log. Who knew.

Went out to catch Voltaire at Alchemy “Rapture” yesterday in spite of my throat feeling roughly like sandpaper. And the show was worth it!

From Zombie Gigolo to his birthday rendition dedicated to Brian it was a rollicking good time.

And if you’re wondering who this Voltaire chap is, he’s not the French philosopher but the NY musical act. I’d define the genre, but I’d probably be wrong. I mean.. if it’s goth, then most of the labeling on all the synth-pop inspired bands is wrong. It’s good, at any rate, and mostly humorous. But not comedic music. That’s about it.

So if you get the chance clip out to see his performance, either solo or with the full eclectic ensemble.

Rapture itself was something of a surprise down at Alchemy. It’s run by some of the usual faces from the other “Goth” nights of New Haven’s past and proved to be a solid venue (if a bit chilly, bring a coat). They also play requests, which is huge.. probably a main requirement for me at a club with only one floor. So check it out if you’re in the area. Apparently running every Wednesday night in the third room at Alchemy, it’s around the corner from the main area you may be familiar with.

Asian Variations Remixes by MoShang

Noticed over on the CC website a remix album on the frontpage: Asian Variations Remixes by MoShang (can be had here).

So far, a couple tracks in, the melody and instrumentation are intriguing. I can give or take the lyrics as rapping in any Asian language is largely over my head.

It sounds like they might be saying something interesting in there. But unless the singing’s melodic.. in an unknown language.. it really doesn’t do much for me.

Otherwise it remind me of a loungy, Buddha Bar-esque riff.

Music on the Hitlist: M.I.A. Arular

Mathangi Arulpragasam’s (aka M.I.A.) debut album turned out to be interesting. It blends in some fairly basic synth kit beats with stop n’ go rap lyrics.

Lyricaly it made me think Black Eyed Peas without the over-production.

A funky, multilingual old-school dance beat album with lilting rapping over it.

All in all, not bad. Check out some of the links to on the Wikipedia entry to get an idea of the sound.

Tuning in to Other People’s Music looks like a fairly interesting service. Check out what other people are listening to. If it’s in the catalog, listen to it too!

Plus it looks like there’s integration in Amarok. That’s what I use to listen to audio these days, what with it’s exhaustive feature set, so that’s pretty important.

In addition to checking out last I’m also getting pulseaudio going. It looks like yet another audio daemon so I’m curious if it’s better than the rest of the (somewhat dissapointing) pack.

NAS (Network Audio System) always looked good and may yet be the audio layer of choice, but it’s a bit under the radar at the moment. Methodical is how I’d describe those Xorg folks.

And hey, whatdya know. It’s installed. Time to go play with :).

Bastard Pop Terrorists

On my recent trip to Japan (which I have yet to write about at any length) I picked up a few CDs. Among them are the set I’m currently giving my car stereo over to, Bastard Pop Terrorists vol 2 3 and 4.

I still don’t know quite what to make of these, weather they’re just cheap attempts to throw together a CD with cute cover art and sell a few copies or a go at real trance/house/techno.

The musical content is diverse and largely a mixed bag. Even in the car where I’m more prone to give a questionable track a listen I’ve found myself skipping some of them.

But some of the (largely Japanese language) tracks are good remixes or mediocre remixes of good song (Hare Hare Yukai by Aya Hirano, Minori Chihara, and Yuko Goto for example). On the whole they lay down a catchy beat and are listenable.

So I’m undecided as to the quality of the Bastard Pop Terrorists series as of yet. I’ll give it a “not bad on the whole, hell of a name” until I’ve made up my mind :).