DoomBook Now Open

It needs some thematic elements added in. Aside from that DoomBook is now ready to roll. After considering quite a few CMS packages for the site, WordPress still seems to be the best option.

Joomla was okay, but lacked the advanced features that a proper weblog needs these days. It doesn’t really have a “weblog” integrated per-say and seems to be geared toward a much heavier format, such as a corporate intranet’s hub.

Typo looked much lighter, but unfortunately it also looked to be totally undocumented. While I’m all for doing a bit of hacking (I had to with Joomla), I’m not all for having to learn the CMSs programming language every time I need to do an update. PCBurn provides all the site code whacking fun I need in my day.

So there we have it. I tried a few others, checked out even more, and gave them a thorough thrashing. WP came out on top even with it’s sometimes-kludgy method of getting things done. It integrates all the features, where none of the other CMSs I looked at even come close.