Doombook Back to Normal, CMS Updated

We’re now on WordPress 2.2 and all the features (comments and whatnot) should be back to a working state. If you notice anything odd send me an e-mail over at if you’d like .. that’s chris@ the aformentioned website.

In case you’re curious, the problem I was having started when I changed wordpress directories on the server. It just freaked out.

All the incoming links started flaking, it didn’t ping out to services anymore, and comments were screwy. This after I changed all the appropriate places to reflect the new directory (plugins and such).

Now with a fresh install, DB updated for 2.2, and a cleaned up set of plugins we should be good to go.

DoomBook Now Open

It needs some thematic elements added in. Aside from that DoomBook is now ready to roll. After considering quite a few CMS packages for the site, WordPress still seems to be the best option.

Joomla was okay, but lacked the advanced features that a proper weblog needs these days. It doesn’t really have a “weblog” integrated per-say and seems to be geared toward a much heavier format, such as a corporate intranet’s hub.

Typo looked much lighter, but unfortunately it also looked to be totally undocumented. While I’m all for doing a bit of hacking (I had to with Joomla), I’m not all for having to learn the CMSs programming language every time I need to do an update. PCBurn provides all the site code whacking fun I need in my day.

So there we have it. I tried a few others, checked out even more, and gave them a thorough thrashing. WP came out on top even with it’s sometimes-kludgy method of getting things done. It integrates all the features, where none of the other CMSs I looked at even come close.