Scotts Suing Worm Poop Providers

Scotts Miracle-Gro is suing a tiny company selling worm processed biological waste. The basis? Their logo uses a circle. And has colors.

I’d feel a whole lot better if I was making that up.

So TerraCycle, the sue-ee in this instance, has started up a website to let others see what they feel is a grave injustice. And frankly, if Scotts is suing based on a visible packaging similarity between their product and TerraCycle’s worm poop, it probably is.

Find out more at the supporting website.

Jeffree Star @ the Webster Underground

So the sometime internet icon and sometimes offensive Jeffree Star (Queen of Myspace? Maybe?) was playing over at the Webster. And Miss E was running the show, so I figured on dropping by and saying hi (since I usually hang out at the coffee spot in Borders down the street after work.. and she *did* come all the way out from CA :).

Right. That was fun and all. Naturally I forgot the camera -_-. No more accredited press photos for me!

Before going over though (since I remembered the name) I gave the internet a quick troll to remember who I should attach it too. And noticed there’s no Wikipedia entry for Jeffree Star.

Which is odd. There are Wikipedia entries for popular sayings (see You’re the man now, dog entry) yet no Wikipedia entry for a popular internet persona?

Yea. So. Freaky as it may seem his entries been getting more delete action than elephants and is actually banned from being added.

So apparently we can document important memes like.. ah.. you being the man. Now. But not actual people.

Journalism is Dead

I may have mentioned this before. It bears repeating.

Journalism went and offed itself at some point. I can’t exactly finger the moment it happened, but it’s definitely gone.

That’s not to say there aren’t some excellent journalistic endeavors out there. There are certainly journalists that are still journalizing and reporters that cover a story well. It’s just that they’re getting buried under an avalanche of powdery fine puff pieces of ass-kissery.

Even on NPR, supposed bastion of 24 hour news. In their case, it might be because it’s now a 24-7 news-o-rama.

Case in point. Every morning I end up listening to as much as I can stomach of a news show where they interview local politicians. Instead of any questions that come to my mind, the commentator inevitably asks a bevy of kindergarten style “and what is your job, senator.. what do you do on that hill..” inquiries. Occasionally a caller comes up with something a bit more pressing which is promptly answered with a “I haven’t looked into that yet” and let slide.

Basically it’s an excuse for politicians to push whatever platform they happen to like today at people with very little explanation.

Now don’t get me wrong. Some of those platforms are quite good, such as efforts to reintroduce criminal offenders back into society and help non-violent criminals instead of jailing them by the Connecticut justice system. But others amount to a local politicians expounding on how badly they deserve the political handout they just received from their friends. Both are treated as if equal with the same bland self serving dialog.

So maybe it’s just that there isn’t enough happening to warrant the amount of coverage, and the ever increasing amount of coverage being pushed warrants less and less real work behind it. Research discovering how today’s guest covered something sensitive up a few years back in direct opposition to the duties they’re currently taking on just doesn’t happen.