Raymond E. Feist’s Into a Dark Realm

Raymond Feist’s latest outing to Midkemia, part of his DarkWar saga, builds up the storyline in interesting ways. The usual suspects are all there rendered in vibrant colors.

As a follow up to Flight of the Nighthawks and a part of his larger canon of works in Midkemia Into a Dark Realm really worked for me. Characters don’t tend seem overly repetitive or static.

Into a Dark Realm being the middle book in the series I can’t say much about the content without spoiling it. If you liked the previous book in the series this entry should hit the same bar of quality.

Anyone new to Raymond E. Feist’s work might want to start off with Shadow of a Dark Queen or one of the earlier series just to get a feel for the continuity. Plus they’re excellent pieces of literature in their own right.

Raymond E. Feist’s Flight of the Nighthawks

Feist is back with more novels set in his Midkemia world. Once again the Conclave of Shadows is fighting a threat to the various and sundry realms they service.

The over-arching plot in these books is fairly straightforward. There’s some evil personages, some gods, and a handful of good characters with foresight and a good view of the “bigger picture” attempting to thwart the evildoers machinations.

So the plot (although involving some well thought twists) doesn’t exactly break new ground in the Fantasy genre.

No, I think what keeps me reading Feist’s novel’s on a somewhat regular basis is that they’re just so damn well written. Each character comes off as being real rather than simply a device awaiting a certain point in the plot. Scenery is richly described. And the books chapters flow with uncanny pace . Not too quick. Not slow and grindingly mechanical.

So, the assassin’s guild is on the move with only Pug’s conclave to stand in there way. Revisit Stardock, Sorceror’s Isle, and Great Kesh in Feist’s latest work Flight of the Nighthawks.

An excellent read.