Anime – Black Blood Brothers

Black Blood Brothers - Jirou
Just finished watching the 12 episode Japanese TV series from last year, Black Blood Brothers. Being only 12 episodes it’s not exactly epic in scope, but they managed to pack a fair amount of content in a limited run. Also, it looks like there’ll be a movie follow up, possibly already produced, from the Japanese language website. I’m not sure, I can’t read it and wikipedia’s BBB article (warning, spoilers) contains nothing useful on the subject. If you’ve got a translator or can read Kanji, go hit up the official site.

The story’s interesting. It’s about humans and vampires living in a special zone after a catastrophe having occurred in Hong Kong, exposing the public to the existence of the vampires kind. Our protagonist, Jirou, is guarding a small boy whom he refers to as “brother” and obviously has something more going on than he lets on. All of the other cast are either vampires or people aware of their existence who try and keep a wrap on the publics knowledge that they’re still around.

Animation-wise the series gets a bit loose in spots. It’s apparent that Studio Live and Group TAC did the best they had with the studios budget, and I think they eeked out all the value they could. While it’s not overly expensive, they evenly applied effects and more detailed sequences throughout the series to good affect. It’s obvious that Hiroaki Yoshikawa (director) struck a good rhythm producing the series.

So it’s probably worth buying if you like the title. Episode one can be watched at BigGlobe but only in it’s original Japanese. I leave it as an exercise to the reader to find it translated if necessary. You might start with Scarywater, as they’ve usually got english subs for non-published work.