KDE4 Revisited, Adding Widgets to the Panel

Now that there’s a new point version and I’ve had a chance to work KDE4 over properly, I thought it time to revisit it. As it turns out, putting a widget on the KDE4 panel isn’t all that hard.

To add a widget to the panel instead of adding it to the desktop, simply click on the star on the widget dialog. Then left click and drag the star to the place you’d like it on your toolbar (is that still kicker? no idea). Pretty simple, just not intuitive.
Adding items from the K-Menu is much easier. Just right click and select “Add to Panel”. Way to use the same methodology across the desktop guys ;p. Might want to have a right click add-to-panel method in the widget dialog as well as that’s a comprehendable way of doing things.

So far the layout is fairly usable, although the icons having a huge transparent block around them is still disconcerting. It seems a bit of unnecessary clutter and looks funky.

Note that this is after updating to Xorg 1.3 and KDE Everything appears to work fine, and I’m not seeing that odd OpenGL performance hit that the systems took running KDE 3.5.

Current verdict is that there’s still quite a bit of work to be done but the release is usable and fairly clean. Good job.

Updating KDE4, Xorg from Ubuntu to Debian

Going with the old apt-get source.list rotation to switch from Ubuntu to Debian. Since Debian appears to have a working KDE4 repository and a shiny new version of Xorg in their bleeding edge tree I’m going to give it a whirl.

We’ll see if the machine is better or worse after an update to the latest, greatest, and potentially flaky.

KDE4 Released, Not Really Ready Already

So I’ve been seeing the pictures of KDE4, but haven’t really had a chance to play with it until now. But write-ups over at places like Ars have led me to believe it’s usable, if not stable.

Sitting at a laptop running KDE4 on Ubuntu 7.10 I can assure you this is not the case.

While the technology behind this desktop feels like it might, someday, be impressive it’s currently a steaming pile of not-ready-yet. If this was my introductory experience to KDE i’d run, not walk, screaming and not look back.

Configuration options for most of the stuff that needs to be configured are missing, display glitches abound, and my clock currently contains a flashing garbage block where the last digit should be.

Also, every other character makes the quad desktop switcher in the corner flash on and off like a mad strobe light.

I don’t even have a dock panel on the dock. There’s no option for the dock in the config screen either. Instead, I had to get a widget of my dock that sits on the desktop. Underneath everything else.. which is quite obnoxious.

The default icon set and theme aren’t thrilling, either. If you’ve seen any KDE4 previews, that’s what you’re getting.. and nothing else. If this is our future then I think I’ll hold onto the past until it’s not filled with rubbish, thanks.