Using PPA Repositories with Debian add-apt-repository Script

Looking for a way to replicate PPA repositories into your Debian squeeze or wheezy install? Anantshri has you covered with a quick shell script. Note that it may break your installation horribly and kill puppies wantonly.

For installing Bisigi Themes for the gnome desktop? Worked for me.

OBD-II Support on Linux

Having just purchased a OBDPro USB scantool I’ve been getting it kicking to start troubleshooting the new-old Saab that I’m working on. The two programs that come up on Freshmeat are obdgpslogger and obdgui as a single project and FreeDiag.

Freediag wouldn’t compile out of the box on my 64 bit Debian machine, so I moved on to the first package obdgpslogger/obdgui.

OBDgpslogger compiled up in a snap and appears to work well. It’s got a nice GUI component that’s about the equal of the quickie software that came with the device. For reference, here’s the list of libraries the two programs use.

/lib64/ (0x00007f99dea9a000)


Oddball stuff I didn’t have installed already included gpsd devel packages, FLTK devel (for the gui), and “fluid” (fltk add-on?) (also for the gui).

It seems like it’s going to work well. The sensor hooks up fine on the included software package (through WINE) so long as I symlink /dev/ttyUSB0 to /dev/com1, set it to 9600bps, and make sure /dev/ttyUSB0 is permmisioned so that my user has access to it.

obdgdmlogger hooked in just fine short the GPS sensor (not installed yet) and gui output (just compiled).

So in short it all “just worked” for me. Which is nice. Occasionally the 64 bit nature of this machine makes installing things a pain.