Fallout 3 New Vegas: Dead Money

First a quick note on getting the expansion working. In the modules section of Fallout 3: New Vegas I had to manually enable the module, otherwise it wouldn’t load. Quite a few hours were spent merrily wandering around the wasteland before that box got checked off on a re-load.

Playthrough of Fallout 3 New Vegas’s latest expansion for the PC, Dead Money, has been pretty robust so far.

Game mechanics get introduced that aren’t a part of the normal Fallout 3 game play to add a bit of difficulty to the module. Resting is impossible, resulting in rationing on things like stimpaks. Your inventory gets removed, so there’s no rotating in an auto-cannon to blow your way through the challenging enemy battles.

And the battles actually are challenging with somewhat limited resources and resilient opponents.

Puzzles in the game aren’t especially challenging so far, but that’s not much of a letdown for me. Puzzler elements introduced to FPS games always struck me as out of place, there being only so many times you’re going to run into a door you can’t simply hammer open for one reason or another.

Story elements are in keeping with the wasteland motif and provide some interesting plot to go along with the slug-fest bouts of fighting.

Without giving too much away, you’re dragged over to a hotel to commit a heist with a motley assortment of companions.

About half way in that 10$ purchase is looking pretty good. If it still pans out after the game’s done, you can read about the module in full right here!