Realm of the Mad God Unavailable

Realm of the Mad God (RotMG in shorthand) has been getting a bit more play lately, having been featured as a Steam download recently. So much so that it appears to be out of commission with a google error!

Trying to sign in currently yields a “Datastore writes are temporarily unavailable” error with a reference to the nonexistant webpage for more information. From the notice it looks like it might be some Google database the developers were using that’s gone offline.

So it’s as good a time as any to give a quick look at the game for anyone who hasn’t given it a go yet!

Remember Gauntlet? Running your pixelated character around a series of dungeons, picking up items, and killing endless hordes of monsters? If you can imagine that 8-bit romp in an outdoor setting and massively multiplayer you’ve got the jist.

RotMG is little more clever than that even. Partying isn’t the usual find people, ask them to join you, split after an endeavor, repeat. Instead it’s handled by walking near other people and getting grouped with them automatically by the game.

The games developers have recently added in guilds and a way to force groups in a more traditional way. But for quick games players can still wander around and get grouped up as they go after the same critter with player dropped bonuses going to anyone in the general vicinity.

I’d put up a few pictures for you all to get an idea, but that’ll have to wait until they’ve ironed out whatever issue is going on.

Edit: RotMG is back up, here’s a couple of pictures.