WormWood: Bit of Graphic Novel Dimentia from Ben Templesmith

Wormwood the zombie riding a tentacle
Wormwood the zombie riding a tentacle
Never log onto your space from a HOPE convention and think “I really need to change the password on this right now at roughly 3 o’clock in the morning after a bit of drinking. You won’t remember it. I finally recovered the password, but it took long enough (as evidenced by the paucity of posts).

In any case, Ben Templesmith has been up to some hijinks, having come out with a now decent length series of graphic novels (and one would assume comic format releases) by the title of WormWood. A necrotic worm living in used corpses hedging a resistence against the Earth being destroyed.

Interesting stuff.

You’ll remember Mr Templesmith from the largely non-publishing series “Fell” (“Where did Warren Ellis’s Fell Go?“). This time he’s in full color, mostly single color washed out panels with his rough, smudgy-yet-detailed art style that seems to bring some life out of the object, especially objects as grotesque as this.

And the subject matter is fairly grotesque. Quite a bit of raunch to go around with a zombie inducing worm that drinks and hangs out at a strip club above a trans-dimensional gate. That’s run by immortal gate-keeping strippers. Frankly, if you think that’s funny the comic might be for you. You can check out some snippits of his art over at templesmith.com if you’ve yet to sample the work.

So, world saving zombies, drag queen leprechauns, and a sidekick made out of beer cans with no. Err. Nuts. What’s not to like?