Boardwalks End

Writing’s something that happens in the moment, based on your perspective and what you see around you. Stepping out of our hotel in Atlantic City and turning right changed my view of the area a bit.

Cutting just a bit over it was like wandering into a somewhat abandoned inner city. Where the commercial area is still holding up somewhat the real-estate downtown hasn’t. Example One: the area we had to go through to get over to the boardwalk on a trek out to find food.

Just off the Boardwalk in Atlantic City
We took a wrong turn on Atlantic Ave...

Apparently, you’re not supposed to ever leave the casino. And it’s possible the area’s had a hand in making sure you won’t want to.

Housing in the area, what’s left of it, looks like it’s been left-over from the city’s ramshackle beginnings. Functional brick houses that’re still half standing (think row houses with every second house knocked down) soldier on out at the end of the boardwalk.

Quite a bit of the old housing’s been flattened to make way for the next big thing that might never be coming. There’s a huge glass structure, mostly finished, that might never get its last bit of funding to come online. Rows of new-ish condo housing has gone up but still has the marks of being unfinished, solitary marble countertops standing like sentinels on a front lawn.

So what’s all this lead up to? No idea. It might be nothing, Atlantic City not exactly being a crossroads. A bit of a slump and the US populace not wanting to move as far for entertainment. Or it might be a sign of consolidation to more central areas in the future to come.

End of the Boardwalk in Atlantic City
Not even a sign that asks you to keep out anymore
Finally Back on the Boardwalk